Security Services

As a leading security solutions provider in India, we provide security services for workplaces, homes and personal requirements. With the combination of best-in-class technology and highly trained workforce, we offer you the most efficient security solutions.

Protecting loved ones, workers and work place is everyone’s priority. By appointing a security guard, you can provide a safe environment. The presence of a security guard on the premises often serves as a deterrent to potential law breakers. They secure premises and personnel’s by patrolling property, monitoring surveillance equipments and access points; permitting entry, obtains help by sounding alarms, prevent losses and damages by reporting irregularities.

We provide security guards with the best knowledge of security operations and procedures, who can also manage multiple tasks. We offer the following type of securities:-

Hotel security guard service

Every industry has its own specific needs when it comes to the matter of security. In the hospitality industry the safety of the guests, staffs and property is of the utmost importance. Our highly trained security guards will provide the protection you require with the professional demeanour and courteous manner.

Domestic security guard service

We also offer domestic security guard services. Our security guards are trained by our expert trainers on latest security procedures that protects domestic houses. Our domestic security guards are trained on all security related procedures like file keeping, surveillance of car parking spaces, maintenance works in the housing society and much more.

Apartment security guard service

Loitering, trespassing, vandalism and theft are common crimes that occur in apartment complexes. One of the most efficient ways of ensuring the safety of the residents in an apartment is to hire security guards. The mere presence of a security guard at your apartment community is often enough to deter criminals from even attempting crime. Guards also give residents peace of mind in knowing that they are protected by highly qualified security guards.

Building construction security guards

Success of a construction project mainly depends on the protection of equipments and materials from theft and other threats. That’s why a construction site security guard is a must. Our on-site security guard services provide around the clock monitoring of your site to insure no significant losses occur.

Hostel security guard service

We also provide hostel security services to our clients. These guards are well trained under the guidance of our expert and committed to provide best solutions. Moreover they have clear knowledge about emergency situations and very friendly with security watch and ward duties.

Industrial security guard service

Identifying and responding to threats quickly and confidently is the key to best security system. Our security consultants are trained to protect resources and minimize risk and loss to prevent leakage of important technologies and confidential information at your industry.