Permanent Recruitment

In this Domain, we are well – versed in serving all industrial verticals sourcing of various channels, maintaining a strong database of qualified talent, skilled and Experienced recruiters, successful Executions of time-bound assignments, and options for flexible replacements

In this Domain, we also search, screen, interview to assess potential candidates for selected candidates with the client’s Hr Team

The recruitment process for the sources of

New entrants to the labour force (ie) freshers through educational institutions and open. The unemployed –with a wide range of skills and abilities Employee referral  Since persons are recruited from a large market, the best selection can be made without any distinction of caste, sex or colour.

We source the right candidates through our Resume Data Bank, Social network sites, Labour market,Referrals and leading job portals such as Naukri, Monster, Time jobs and Shine

Selection process

Study the customer requirements and JD of candidate’s skill, education, experience, etc., Identify right candidate’s application  Reception of preliminary interview or screening to explore the facts and get the attitude of the candidate for the job.

  • Biographical data verification
  • Educational attainment
  • Work experience
  • Personal skills

Weightage of the application and suitability for the position Physical examination to find any health hazard.

Reference / Background check – to avoid any criminal, civil issues if any Physiological test to explore the surface area and get an objective look at a candidate’s suitability.

Sort out the suitable candidate and send them for a final interview with the customer Organised to obtain an Offer letter, Appointment letter to the selected candidates.

We arrive at the Competency need matrix as per the Employer’s requirement and submit the skill matrix for a selected candidate to the employer.

We provide training awareness on 


Technical – on job

Communication skills

Interpersonal skills

ISO Awareness

EMS and EHS Awareness

Safety rules

We collect all basic and essential information from the candidates which reduces the employer’s burden.

  • Existing and earlier employment details, education history.
  • Existing information on ESI & PF, UAN, PAN, Passport, Bank A/c, etc.,
  • Disabilities and health-related information
  • Background check and criminal verification if any.
  • Information about legal heirs and nominees to get statutory benefits.
  • Emergency contact details

Our information collected from the candidate will be very useful to the employer :

  • To deploy manual, unskilled, skilled, managers, engineers, and professional to  our clients/channel partners,
  • To facilitate recruitment, training candidates/associates
  • To comply with the statutory requirement as per the applicable labor laws and employment requirement
  • To evaluate the candidate’s skillset, qualification, age, gender, technical and behavioral performances.

Our Approach

Collaborate with you to create the perfect recruitment plan and workforce solution to grow with you.

We not only connect you with the right resources but also provide you effective consultation to get strategic workmen

Pre-qualified candidates network

We have got the largest network of pre-qualified candidates in and around the country. Therefore we can supply enormous candidates for your needs immediately.