Professionals in International Consulting

International Professional Consulting Services
Education and Jobs is an important aspect that plays a huge role in the modern industrialized world. Education is a process of achieving knowledge, values, skills, beliefs and moral habits to thrive in one’s life.That educational resource is spread out all around the world.
Here at Sathyam we make foreign education affordable and easily accessible. We guide you to
choose the best universities across the globe who provide top not education. Our team will assist you
through every step of exploring study options, fees and expenses, scholarships, visa process and
much more. As a registered organisation we strictly adhere to the rules and regulations, which makes
international education safe and affordable to anyone who wants to explore educational opportunities
at an international level.

A team of experienced professionals with strong consulting background and refreshing business insight is the backbone of talent circle HR to quickly deliver dramatic results. Our carefully selected team assures quality by applying meticulous methods to meet customer expectation. We offer solutions which enhance the business results of organizations directly. Our customers get the best deal in HR related solutions as we work at providing qualitative, yet competitive HR services. We are well aware that the right person for the right job at right time is very tedious to find now a days. We can assure to fulfill this expectation of right candidate toward right job with very short tat.

Our recruitment back office solutions are tailor made for non-core processes in recruitment. Candidates and recruiters are freed up from time-consuming activities such as customization of CVs and the expense and hassle of identifying candidates and processing applications. With our technology edge in recruitment, we offer strategic initiatives that help our clients to cut costs and access intellectual capital in the market more effectively.