Contract Labor Compliance

Nowadays in all Industries, the engagement of Contract labour is essential and unavoidable. Employers of tiny to large industries are depending the contract labourers to run their business on successful path. But the employers have to follow all statutory requirements as stated in the below said Act. Failing which the employers are liable to pay huge compensation and has to face IR issues.

  • The Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act,1970
  • The Minimum Wages Act,1948
  • The Employees’ Compensation Act,1923

SATHYAM  shall provide efficient service to the Employer and take control over the contractors by effecting audit survey their records and returns. We also ensuring the minimum wages, ESIC, EPF registration and statutory welfare benefits providing the contract employees by their contractors.

Our Services:

  • Arrange to get Registration Certificate for all applicable contractors of the Establishment
  • Ensure the valid agreement with registered contractors
  • Ensure the working licence for each contractors
  • Ensure the Payment of Minimum Wages complied
  • Assist the contractors to obtain ESIC registration
  • Maintaining record, registers, forms & notices under various legislations
  • Ensure the remittances of ESI, PF and other statutory payments
  • Accident co-ordination support
  • Periodical compliance Audit on each Contractor and submit Audit reports to the Principle employer